New York Office

Our clients  come first. 

When your business grows, we grow


We provide high energy, results-driven consulting with a focus on accounting, financial strategy and organizational development. 
We deliver the results needed to impact the bottom line. 
Our Approach
  1. We provide financial strategies for improving financial performance, managing growth, and motivating personnel

  2. We develop managerial systems & processes that produce company development and growth.

  3. We establish strong processes that mitigate the risk for failure and error.



Kevin L. Castel


Accounting & Finance

Kevin is a passionate, knowledgable and results-driven consultant. He delivers the exact financial strategies clients need to make informed decisions in their industry. Kevin has helped many clients overcome their financial challenges.


Marsha Marseille


Management & Operations

Marsha is a vibrant consultant who works to bring the best out of her clients. She presents effective and creative solutions to optimize successful outcomes for her clients. Marsha has an inept ability to create highly efficient processes and systems that boost company productivity and results

Maximize your growth opportunities with great financial management, strategy & operations.



Keep your business growing with our Business & Accounting services. Beyond analyzing your financial statements, helping you set up your accounting system and addressing your tax and day-to-day cash needs, we offer a solutions-based approach catered to your industry. We deliver the necessary financial information you need to make informed decisions.


Maximize your growth opportunities with a full range of strategy and operations consulting services. Beyond developing a strategic plan, helping you build an organizational structure and streamlining to improve your business model and operations, we offer results-driven strategies to help you solve your most pressing operational challenges.


Be independent and at ease with our bill paying and daily money management services. We are here to alleviate the challenges faced by the elderly and busy professionals paying bills on time and correctly. No more having to remember deadlines, open envelopes and write checks. We ensure our clients' bills are paid correctly. Beyond our bill paying services, we offer expense and budget tracking, file management, notary & banking services. Our daily money management services are efficient and helpful. 


Most Frequent Services

  • Bookkeeping

  • Quickbooks Setup & Audit 

  • Bill Paying Services 

  • Business Strategy 

  • Financial Management 

  • Fee For Service (NHTD Waiver)

  • Virtual CFO



  • Healthcare

       Healthcare Providers & Services

  • Social Services 

      - Day care

      - Healthcare Social Assistance 

      - Nursing Homes & Senior Assisted Living

  • Medicaid Social Programs

       - Group Homes 

       - NHTD/ TBI Waiver 

       - Home Care Agencies 

  • Consumer Products 

  • Restaurant 

  • E-commerce 

  • Fashion & Retail

  • Real Estate